Online Security for the Whole Family

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  • Install on all your family’s devices

    Installation so easy, your children can do it

    Great Family Features

    Our support staff will take care of all your needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Data Stays Private

We’ll disallow any third party from being capable of figuring out your location or your identity, protecting your family at all times.

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Access all your favorite services anywhere

When you take your family on vacation to another country, you can still access all of your favorite content by connecting to our servers.

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Protection That Travels With You

Anywhere you go, VPN is there with you to get full, secure internet access.

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All the security in one privacy plan:

Protect your family with double-encryption

Because we utilize the most advanced encryption techniques, your household will be doubly protected.

No one in the family will complain about speed with FenyxVPN.

With amazingly fast servers, no one in your home will have to wait while online.

Simplicity in Setup Process!

Other VPNs require cumbersome setup processes, but our client can be set up on any device in minutes!

No Logs, Ever

We have a no-logging policy that guarantees you’ll never have to worry about anyone accessing your info.

Our client knows when to shut things down

Whenever you lose your connection to our servers, FenyxVPN VPN disconnects your internet access to avoid security problems.

Winners will be contacted directly by email.

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